Martin Gallery of Tribal Arts

The collections at the Martin Gallery of Tribal Arts include a wide variety of tribal and ethnographic objects from Oceania, New Guinea, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippine Islands, India, Mexico, Guatemala and many other regions. Martin Gallery has been in business for over 35 years. It originally was a department in a larger company which I sold in 1985. In the beginning it was a gallery of fine arts with a few ethnographic objects, but with my background in anthropology it was inevitable that tribal art would eventually become dominant. In 1991, I became the director of a mid-west Native American museum and later the director of a university anthropology museum. Because of these positions and a potential conflict of interest issue I suspended the gallery operations. I continued traveling the world and collecting, but was not able to sell the objects. I semi retired in 2008 and have now reopened Martin Gallery as an ecommerce business.