Owner, Jerry Martin

I have a masters degree in anthropology and grew up in an artistic family so working and collecting tribal or ethnographic art was a natural for me.   I consider myself a field collector as the vast majority of objects in my collection were collected from the source. Thus I have good provenance and can provide important information about the culture, village, maker and function of many of my objects. My first field research and collecting experience was in 1964 with the Cuna people of the San Blas in Panama. Over the last 44 years I have specialized in Melanesia, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines), China, India, Mexico and Guatemala. I do not normally deal in antiques. I look for quality objects that were made to be used by the local people in ceremonies, rituals or common objects used in daily life. I am very pleased to reopen the gallery and find good homes for my collections.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Jerry Martin